Our Services

Tamara Marketplace

Through the virtual marketplace, we aim to support farms by providing all agricultural services under one application: such as: seed suppliers, fertilizer suppliers, machinery suppliers, Skilled and technical labor, Technical solutions and agricultural technology applications, Plant diseases and solutions, agricultural consultancy

Trusted Advisory

The trusted advisory platform will be the main reference for all farmer’s questions. It is a digital platform that enables the farmer to communicate with specialized agricultural experts around the world in their preferred language and arrange a virtual meeting through modern programs such as (Zoom and Teams). The platform will arrange the date and meeting between the farmer and the expert in order to answer all inquiries Technology and provide the best solutions to improve productivity.

Tamara Chatbot

Tamara Artificial Intelligence section developed a smart chat bot, which has been built using machine learning libraries and Natural Language Processing tools , to enhance quick and instant answering system to Tamara clients, in a smart way . Tamara Chatbot will be able to analyze and recognize clients requests , and give them suitable and sufficient answers, depend on their requirements, also it will let them reaching all database information This Chatbot will also facilitate users to look for any type of disease he found , then by selecting it , all description , syndromes , images and medications of this disease will be displayed to them, which will be very helpful in fighting that disease Also it will have an intelligent answers to their questions, depending on their requirements, and they search keywords

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Ahmed Shaban

Business Consultant (COO + Marketing)

Ahmed is a Government Experience strategist with extensive history of delivering successful programs focused on government transformation in the UAE and beyond. With +16 years of professional experience in Government Service development, Service delivery, Customer Experience Strategy, Research & Consultancy, in both government and private sector corporations, where he led different related initiatives in different UAE government enabled by emerging technology. Ahmed is also believing in giving back to community, accordingly he is part of the adjunct faculty of Higher College of Technology in UAE, focusing on building knowledge for the new generation. Ahmed is holding his PhD from IBS-UTM (International Business School - Universiti Teknologi Malaysia) and Bachelor’s Degree in Electronics and Communications Engineering from Cairo University of Egypt.